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All payments are handled by PayPal. If you have any payment questions or issues, please contact EpictionPvP@gmail.com!

About us

EpictionPvP is a new Minecraft Network that strives to give its players an enjoyable and safe experience, We have an active set of staff so if you have any inquiries or just need some help please feel free to contact a staff member, Don't forget to have fun! 

Payment Methods

We accept only PayPal Standard (Account Balance) and PayPal Express (Credit Card) 


Please note that all chargebacks result in an IP ban from our network.

We try to comply to the EULA as much as possible but as we are small it is impossible to fully comply!

Do NOT contact Mojang AB / Microsoft - we are not affiliated with them whatsoever.

Default time to receive an item purchased is 10 minutes if you do not recieve the item within 24-48 hours please contact Killaura_Hacks#0728 on Discord (Please wait 12-24 hours for a response). ALL CHARGEBACKS ARE PERM IP BANS! If you do not contact support and chargeback then complain about why you are banned we will block you

IP: EpictionPvP.Net

If you are under the age of 18 please make sure you have permission to buy something from our store.